Trinity Talks


Reading                                       Psalm 121 

Hymn                Unto the Hills

Reading       John 1:14-18

Sermon                                               God’s Presence and Protection

              Elder Paul Mannes

Song                   Lord, I Need You Robert Stocks


Joys and Concerns and Prayers of the People

Hymn #836                                       Abide With Me  (Stanzas 1-3) 

Invitation to Stewardship            

        Text to give:  (833) 940-3026

Hymn #841                                              God is My Strong Salvation 

Benediction/Closing Prayer


Abide With Me

Text: Henry Francis Lyte, 1847

Music: William Henry Monk, 1861

Public Domain


God Is My Strong Salvation

Text: James Montgomery 1822, alt.

Music: The Sacred Harp, 1844; harm. Austin C. Lovelace, 1964

Music Copyright: 1964 Abindgon Press (admin. The Copyright Company)

All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Seven Hymn Settings of American Folk Songs


Wilbur Held

Copyright 1984 Concordia Publishing House

Permission to stream/podcast the music for this service is obtained

from ONE LICENSE, License #A736703. All rights reserved.


Jazzy Hymns and Spirituals

Abide With Me

Arr. Paul Johnston

Copyright 2014 Alfred Music

Permission in process.

Unto the Hills

Text: John D. S. Campbell

Music: Charles H. Purdy

Public Domain as printed in the African Methodist Episcopal Hymnal.

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