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Pastor Judith and Ben talk about the other Presbyterian sacrament, Communion.

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Guest preacher Rev. John Molina-Moore, the National Capital Presbyter, visited Trinity this Sunday with a message of mission and the different ways to connect and be a missional church.  The scripture was from Exodus 3:7-12 and John 20:20-23

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Pastor Judith preaches on the scriptures from John 1:29-42 and Luke 5:1-11.  She discusses Epiphany meaning more than "God with Us" but "God with all creation."

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Pastor Judith and Ben talk about John the Baptist, Jesus' Baptism and what Baptism means to Presbyterians.

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Pastor Judith preaches on Isaiah 42:1-9, Pslam 29, and Matthew 3:13-17. She speaks about the baptism of Jesus and relates it to natural disasters.  Asking where is God in your life?  When are you bathed in God's love and light?

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Pastor Judith preaches on Jeremiah 31:7-14 and Matthew 2:1-23 on Epiphany.  She concludes that our God is a God who can walk with us through an imperfect world.

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