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Ben Stewart, Mike "MacGyver" Swineford, Stuart "New Guy" Mapes and Courtney "the 3rd most powerful person in Trinity" Desautels play a game of Staff Picks.

Each person is trying to put together the best list in a "draft" style format. Will they get the list they want?  Will their work colleague steal their picks?  

You get to decide which list is best by voting here:

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Ben Stewart preaches on the polarization of our world in light of the text from Jonah 4:1-3. Ben's sermon reminds us of the power of love and prayer, which is healing for us as well as those we pray for.

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Pastor Judith discusses text from Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28;           Psalm 14; and   Romans 8:18-23 in light of the world's health and the hope that one person can make a change.


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Judith and Ben sit down with the new youth director Stuart Mapes to find out a little bit more about his past and how he got to Trinity.

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Pastor Judith introduces the theme of the year "Creation," with a preview of the thought provoking questions about creation that she will be addressing.  The scripture reading is from Genesis 1:1-2:2.

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Pastor Judith Fulp-Eickstaedt preaches on the text from Luke 14:1. 7-14 and relates modern day challenges of concert and cafeteria seating to the Jesus parable of taking the humblest seat and inviting those that we expect nothing from rather than expecting a reciprocal invitation.

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