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Judith preaches about Paul and Silas from Acts 16:16-34 and explores spiritual freedom--a liberation of the soul that frees us from these sorts of things that hold our hearts and minds in bondage, a freedom  that allows us to live more fully into who have been created and redeemed to be as followers of Jesus, a soul freedom that can be present even in those who do not enjoy political liberty and may even be quite literally enslaved or imprisoned.

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Judith continues her sermon series on Acts and preaches on the Acts 8:26-40 text and how it takes practice to see past other labels to the unique individual created in the image of God.  

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Judith preaches on Acts 2:1-21 through the lens of Trinity's history for this special 75th anniversary celebration worship.  

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On the Sunday of confirmation and gradate recognition, Judith preaches on the blessing, sending, invitation, and promise of Jesus kind of prayer found in Acts 2:42-47.  Due to a full service with communion and confirmation, this podcast sermon is an excerpt.  To read her full sermon, please go to the website

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