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Judith preaches about both sides of Saul's conversion to Paul.  "People can do great harm, sometimes when they are trying to do good, which means we have to check our own responses when someone disagrees with us."  Scripture reading: Acts 9:1-20 including a dramatic reading.

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Pastor Judith and Ben answer a question from one of Trinity's circles about what to say when people are going through a rough time.

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On Mother's Day, Pastor Judith preached on the story of Peter and Tabitha and prayer.  That the "power of God is not just a Jesus thing.  The power of God is alive and at work in the world all the time, always has been and always will be." 

Scriptures: John 10:22-30; Acts 3:1-11; Acts 9:36-43.

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Pastor Judith and Ben talk about the sermon series on the book of Acts.

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